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There’s magic that happens when you bring children and seniors together

The Parent-Child Mother Goose Program is offered in communities across Canada, yet at Brocklehurst Gemstone Care Centre, the program has a special ‘intergenerational’ element. It is through amazing programs such as this that unique connections are made possible for residents at Gemstone – and children and parents.

The Parent-Child Mother Goose Program is a free program for participants from the community and the program hosted at Gemstone provides an amazing link for seniors to the community. The program provides a safe environment for parents and children to experience a long-term care environment, it provides volunteer opportunities and helps form bonds among all participants. Through repetition, songs are taught or remembered which helps cognitive and literacy function in both the young and elderly. Gemstone residents feel a sense of belonging and accomplishment by providing knowledge of songs passed down through generations and sometimes by offering a bit of parenting advice.

When the group is together magical things happen, relationships are built, and the opportunity is there for our residents, and parents and children to build and maintain memories that may last a lifetime.

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