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Our name, Brocklehurst Gemstone Care Centre, holds significant meaning and history. It stems back many years ago to a time when the land was first used for farming by the Humphrey Desmond family.  It was a very successful working farm that provided produce to the local community for many years.  However, as the city developed, the use of the land changed as it became a prime opportunity for redevelopment.  The Desmond family recognized this and decided to support seniors in the community by formally designating the land to be used that purpose.

Interior Health was aware of this special designation and saw the opportunity for Tranquille Road to be a great location for serving the needs of seniors going forward.  One of the first developments to “grow” on the Desmond land was Riverbend Seniors Community which today provides a vibrant retirement setting for many active & engaged seniors in the community.  Life at Riverbend is lively and supportive with a happy hour program than fills the room with laughter.

Then in 2011, Interior Health selected our company to be the service partner to build a residential care facility. As part of the ground-breaking event, we announced a contest inviting the community to help name the building.  There were many ideas submitted and people were interested to participate.  The themes that surfaced revolved around a couple of topics including the history of Kamloops, the history of the site, the importance of the local community and the importance of the people being served.

All ideas had potential and it was a challenge to narrow down the list from over 30 names down to the top 5 and on to the selected final.  Worthy of honorable mention are the names that referenced the Humphrey Desmond family orchard as part of the history.  We could see that this history needed to be kept and found a way to do so by designing a special gazebo overlooking the river to be called “Humphrey’s Lookout” in honour of the farm and the family history.

Then, as the list was further reviewed and discussed, it became obvious that people wanted to recognize both the history & heritage of the site while also acknowledging the valuable service that would be provided. The results of these deliberations by our community judging panel created in our name.


There are two parts to our name.

The first is Brocklehurst which honours our community and our location. This special area of Kamloops where we are located has evolved and grown and seeks to retain an individual identity.  We call this place ‘Brocklehurst’ which is a community within the broader Kamloops community and that mirrors how care homes operate too. For those reasons, it is proudly the first part of the name.

The second part is Gemstone which speaks about the people. This part of our name portrays a very important message about the people who will live and work here.  As we know, life is precious and special people are often referred to as gems.  In fact, a care facility is filled with gems being both our seniors and their caregivers.  As you join in on the life at a care facility, you will see the treasures that are revealed and the gifts that are shared including ones of tenderness, patience and understanding.  They value respect & dignity and most of all, they give love.  This is where real living happens and the people involved truly are the gems and ‘Gemstones’ of our new place.

We are excited and proud of our name as Brocklehurst Gemstone Care Centre….in honour of the history, the community and the people.


We also extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to our outstanding panel of 2012 judges who represented the community to name the building. Thanks to: