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What is Brocklehurst Gemstone Care Centre?

We are a long term care facility and we specialize in skilled nursing & dementia care with a service model that places the resident at the core of our focus. Our priority is safety and we value teamwork, a learning environment and best value. Brocklehurst Gemstone is privately owned by the Buron Group. Buron also operates quality residences in both Prince George (Simon Fraser Lodge) and in Penticton (Haven Hill Retirement Centre). Buron has a long history in providing care & services to seniors that extends over 20 years.

What does residential care mean?

Residential care facilities are designed for people who need 24 hour nursing service on hand and daily help with personal care. Some may also require a secure environment. Residential Care homes are licensed and regulated by the provincial government.

What type of care can be accommodated at Gemstone?

We are a licensed and accredited residential care facility that provides 24-hour professional nursing care & services by a team of nurses (RNs, RPNs and LPNs) and Resident Care Aides (RCAs). We work with a variety of interdisciplinary specialties including dietician, social work, occupational therapy, recreation therapy and physiotherapy. Other health disciplines may be involved as needed for specialty skills.

Are the rooms private or shared?

The Care Centre offers 130 private rooms with 124 of them containing a fully private en-suite bathroom. Six of the private rooms are well suited for couples or for friendship as they offer a lock-off doorway between a pair of rooms along with a shared bathroom area. This provides for a flexible arrangement whereby one room may become a sitting area and the alternate for shared bedroom areas. In all cases, separate vanities and sinks are provided in the bathroom areas.

Are there any additional fees?

Information regarding included and optional services is provided at time of admission. Optional services are offered which are at the discretion of the resident. These services are charged separately and include such things as special events, cable & phone service along with specialty health & wellness services such as dentistry, podiatry, and hairdressing. Incontinence products are provided as part of the base service.

If my parent comes in on a private-pay basis, can we later switch to a funded bed?

Transfer to a funded bed is possible by placing their name on a transfer list that is managed by IHA. Gemstone has no control over funded beds nor the placement decisions and therefore, we cannot guarantee that a transfer at the same location is possible.

What is the current availability of beds?

Currently, we are accepting requests for private pay rooms. If you are interested in one of the 5 available rooms, please contact us to have your name noted on the wait list. There is a $25 deposit fee required as part of sign up that is fully refundable at any time or can be applied to the first month’s fees.

For a funded bed, you must contact Interior Health through your Case Manager as Brocklehurst Gemstone Care Centre is not involved with the process for those beds. Click here to find a Home and Community Care Office close to you, or call (250) 851-7900.

Are pets allowed?

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate pets on site. However, we engage in pet therapy and encourage pets to visit. To ensure the safety and security of all - the pet visitation policy must be followed if family or friends wish to bring their pet for a visit.

Can I come and go from Gemstone?

The family physician will be required to write an order allowing the resident to go out on pass. Residents are able to be signed out of the home for outings with families whenever families request it. If medications need to be given, during the time of the outing, the nurse will see that the family has the required dosages to be given. Medical and vacation leaves of absences are also allowed – the room will be held and cost of accommodation as usual.

Can I bring in my personal items?

Residents are encouraged to bring personal belongings into the home to make their room more familiar. Please refer to the Resident Handbook for guidance or click here for an approved list of personal items to bring.

What information is required at the time of admission?

When a resident is admitted, families must bring to the office a copy of the Representation Agreement, POA, Provincial Health Number (PHN) and social insurance number. The notice of assessment from the latest income tax filing is required in order to provide proof of income.

Can a person bring their own furniture in?

Residents are encouraged to bring small personal furnishings into the home to make their room more familiar. Please refer to the Resident Handbook for guidance or click here for an approved list of personal furnishings to bring. Resident safety is a priority and therefore, not all items will be acceptable. If you are unsure if an item will be permitted, please consult with the General Manager.

Do you take care of people with Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia?

Gemstone provides care for people with these conditions as well as many other age-related conditions.

Can we have a meal with our Mother?

Yes, guests are most welcome to join residents for meals and guest dining tickets can be purchased from Gemstone management for these purposes! Guests may eat with the resident in the main dining room when such arrangements have been made in advance. A private family meal or celebration dinner can also be arranged through your care team leader. Please ask for details regarding these arrangements.

Please note that a days notice (or at least a few hours) is sincerely appreciated to allow the kitchen sufficient preparation time. Exceptions to this early notification may be made if absolutely necessary. Please speak to the Gemstone management team regarding payment options

Can family be involved?

We encourage families to come and enjoy the activities and functions of our Home whenever they are able. Gemstone also has a Resident & Family Council which is an opportunity for residents & family to meet and openly discuss what their needs and interests are, ask questions and discuss any concerns.

My parent likes to have a drink in the evening. Is this okay?

Alcoholic beverages are not allowed to be stored in resident rooms but must be kept in the medication room. Alcoholic beverages can be provided by the nurse with a physician’s order.

How much money should residents keep on hand?

For the convenience of the residents, funds of up to $250 may be deposited in a trust account (or comfort account) in the resident’s name at administration office to allow access to spending money during the day. Money can be withdrawn from this account Monday through Friday based on administration hours. We cannot be held responsible for valuables or money kept in a resident’s room. It is recommended that only a small amount of money be kept on hand in their room (i.e. $5.00 - $20.00) to minimize the risk of theft or loss.

What are the times for visiting?

There are no restrictions on visiting hours. Entrance and exit is through the front door only. The sign in and out book is at the front reception desk and for the safety of everyone, we encourage you to use it at all times.

Is parking available for guests?

Visitor parking is located in the main and side parking lot at the front of Gemstone. Handicap parking spots are available in the front parking lot. Please respect the no parking or restricted parking areas as they are specified for safety reasons.

What are the guidelines for residents wishing to leave the Home for outings?

We encourage our residents to continue the companionship and interaction with family and friends. Outings and family functions is a great way to do this. We ask that residents, family members or friends let the charge nurse know at least one hour before they depart as this enables everything to be ready. As well, we require that residents are signed out as we are responsible for their whereabouts at all times. If a resident is leaving overnight or for several days, the nurse will need to be notified at least one day prior in order to arrange medications and cancel meals.

Is cable television available to residents?

Cable television outlets are available in every room and there is a cable TV provided in the central lounges for shared use. The current charge for service to your room is listed in the Residency Agreement and it is charged for payment from the resident’s comfort funds.

Can the resident have their own telephone?

Telephone outlets are available in each room, however, individual arrangements must be made with the telephone company for listing and installation. Telephone charges are the individual responsibility of each resident. There is a resident phone available in each common lounge area and there is no charge for local calls from this phone.

What if I need a walker or wheelchair?

Residents are required to obtain their own specialized equipment such as walkers, wheelchairs or other specialized seating as each resident’s seating and safety needs are unique. Residents with special needs are assessed for additional equipment that will encourage independence and make day-to-day living easier. Motorized wheelchairs/scooters are assessed on an individual basis and are allowed once the resident is deemed capable of operating one. The cost of assessment for specialized equipment, seating equipment and safety assessment for motorized wheelchairs/scooters is the responsibility of the resident. The cost of the equipment is also a resident responsibility. When available, Gemstone provides temporary equipment for use on a short-term basis until a resident is able to arrange a more permanent solution.

Are there hairdressing services available at Gemstone?

These services are available on a weekly basis. Services and prices are posted and these services are optional and paid for from the resident’s comfort fund, with approval.

How will I know what is organized for activities?

An activity calendar is posted at various locations every month. All residents receive individual calendars for their rooms.

Further questions?

We hope this has answered your questions. However, please feel free to contact us again if you have anything further. We are dedicated to providing exceptional care & service.

Please email info@brockgemstone.ca or contact us at 778-470-2596, to arrange a tour.

We are located at 1955 Tranquille Road, Kamloops BC

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