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The following information may help you with your decisions…

Facility Tour Checklist (pdf) — deciding what’s right for you

What to Bring Checklist (pdf) — knowing what furnishings and personal things to bring to Gemstone


Deciding that long-term care is necessary for you or a loved one and selecting a long-term care home is an important and personal decision that requires careful consideration. To guide you through this process, we have compiled the steps involved in finding and selecting an appropriate long-term care home.


Your first step is to carefully consider you or your loved one’s particular needs. Long-term care homes care for people who don’t need to be in hospital but can’t be cared for at home or in a retirement or assisted living facility due to illness, injury, frailty or cognitive limitations. Clearly identifying these needs will assist you in determining what services you or your loved one will require while in long-term care


Contact your local Home and Community Care Office to determine if you may be eligible for publicly subsidized services. Click here to find a Home and Community Care Office close to you, or call (250) 851-7900. Once you locate your local HCC, they will put you in contact with a Community Access Coordinator or another staff member who will help you through the steps.


Find the long term care homes located in your area. Research the different services they offer and determine which ones you might be interested in.


Take a tour of the homes you are interested in to see how suitable each home is. During the tour, discuss you or your loved one’s particular needs with the home’s representative, and ask residents and staff what they think of the home. Consider using the facility tour checklist below.


Select your top 3 choices of homes, which you will provide to the HCC. HCC will work with you to plan the placement that is best for you or the person you care for. If your first choice is not available, HCC will help you find an appropriate alternative.

If you are not eligible for publicly subsidized services, then proceed to contact the preferred homes directly to discuss private pay arrangements.


When suitable accommodation becomes available, you will be contacted by HCC for publicly subsidized care or by Gemstone’s General Manager for private pay services. In the meantime, you should begin making preparations for moving. Click here for ideas on how to begin.


If you accept the accommodation offer, HCC will coordinate the details of admission with the long-term care home.